Sunday, July 3, 2022

try again one monthly goal

We are going to try this again for my one monthly goal at Elm street quilts. I have filled in the blank spots and squared the EPP for this little handsewn quilt. I want to iron all the edges out ( they are still wrapped around the paper templates), and starch it before I trim it. Then, I will add a border, and quilt it. I used this as my goal for May but, didn't finish it.

goal for July


Stash report  July 3, 2022

fabric added: 0 yards 

fabric added year to date: 60 3/4 yards  

fabric used: 6 yards - I finished tiger, tiger

fabric used year to date: 136 yards 

76 1/4 yards used more than bought. 

I sewed 5 days last week. And I had a sew day with the guild Saturday

I have some hand stitching to do on my friendsheep rug, but, I have to trim and press first. I haven't gotten to that yet, But, I did put another rug on the stand, that I can work on slowly in the mean time.

I started it here in March while I was waiting for my sheep rug to finish with the other swappers. I did the hat and face and I am working on the banner above her head. She is a fun little witch.


Saturday, July 2, 2022

crown blocks

 This is it for sewing for the  rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. Two cross and crown blocks is all I could muster this week. And blue was the color for June that I did not make yet.

I harvested nasturtium flowers and leaves, and pansies. I will dry them for soap this winter.

Friday, July 1, 2022

time to clean

It's time to clean up around my sewing machine. I just can't pile anything else there. Since I am trying to be deliberate about it. I am sorting, and ... being distracted by little projects that are not done yet. I found these zipper parts that just needed the outside sewn to the centers.

I found all the pieces for this wedding ring block. I am surprised there wasn't something missing.

And this is just the beginning.

I harvested my first bunch of carrots. I had tried carrots many years ago and was very disappointed how they grew here ( we have hard soil). I decided to try again this year, and I am delighted. They are so cute.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

tiger, tiger finish

At the very last minute, I have finished my one monthly goal for June. So glad to have a finish. I plan to donate this to a local shelter for hands to help.

My friend Linda brought a scrap bag to me.... I had found the tiger embroidery at a thrift store...I decided whatever I pulled out of the scrap bag, I would add to the quilt improv style. It has been fun. Some colors, I would not have put together on purpose. But, I like them together here. I think I saw a video on you tube by Beth Shibley from love laugh quilt that made a quilt this way.  I started this in 2020. It didn't take long to make the top. But, my 'to be quilted" list is very long. 

the sun was funny for this shot

It is 40 x 45 and used 6 yards

I quilted an easy large stipple so that it would be soft. I used leftover pieces from the scrap bag for the binding.

I am still digging out the freezer. I canned some hamburger and stew meat in onion for gravy. I can open this for a quick meal when we are too tired to cook. I still have some chicken I want to can and get out of the freezer.

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Monday, June 27, 2022

Another round

I only had a few minutes and I pulled out the snail trails blocks to add anther round. minus 1 -  where did that triangle go? silly triangle

The trucks are back. Thousands of GM trucks are filling any empty GM parking lots. Carriers bring them in to Kokomo to store them while they wait for chips. We have what used to be a large factory here, employing 10,000 auto workers. Now, it is a parts plant with 100 workers. So, most of the old
factory remains empty. Every thing was closed in 2008 - 2010. The irony was that the last part of the plant to close was a chips department.

We  had this for nearly a year last year, and, then, they disappeared. The news said they were all destroyed for the new model year. That can't be good for General Motors bottom line.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

scrappy hunters star

I have the blue hunter's star pieces made. for the month of June and the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. It was time to cut more background.

There was enough block pieces to play a little with  the design and see if my idea for a scrappy colors was going to work. And, I was happy with the results. The plan was to cut and sew pieces this year, and, assemble the quilt next year. We will see when winter comes round again.

This is my poor ironing board after a visit from my Granddaughters who wanted a bed to sleep in. Sillygirls. I had no idea they were attacking the ironing board.

Friday, June 24, 2022

5 quilts June 24, 2022

 My last 5 quilt progress report June 8, 2022

1. Rainbow scrap challenge - blue- I had double the blue to do this month, as, I had cut some last year that I uncovered. 

2. rhododendren mystery - hunter -    I have lost the blocks. It has been too long and I don't remember where I put them. 

3. Boho heart -Nothing new here

4. maple leaves - The top  is together, and I can't find a border fabric that I like


Sometimes random works, and, sometimes, it doesn't. haha

5. fair and square -I am sewing the rows together. I have the two middle rows ready to add to the top section. Then, I will have one more row to add to the bottom section and then, join the two together down the middle.

MY  next on the longarm of my own quilts in the 'to be quilted' closet. 

1. tiger, tiger -on the frame -basted

customer quilt time pause

2. EPP green - need back and binding

customer quilt time pause

3. lotus flower? my notes say it is in the upstairs 

4. blue ridge beauty

5. scrappy twirl

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