Friday, July 22, 2016

Hour glass blocks as leaders and enders

Every year, in July, for several years, Bonnie Hunter has issued a leader and ender challenge. The goal is to concentrate on a particular block only as we begin and end piecing our other quilts. We can then watch them grow into quilts a little at a time. She recently announced the
hourglass block as this year's challenge. She has shared her plans. I have been working on my own hourglass block quilt from a magazine using 3 in squares. Last year I asked my friends to form a swap but they were only interested in a larger 4 1/2 in size. I have just finished my swap blocks and need to send out. But I have my own, smaller size, to work on now.Experience tells me this won't make much of a dent in my scraps, but, oh, what fun to play and see what happens.

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