Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall Festival Time

There is something magical about festivals in the fall. The skies are a different brilliant blue, and the colors of fall seem to shine. Mums and pumpkins, leaves and candy corn, and Indian corn and gourds. And all the food... so yum. We visited two festivals over the weekend. The Atlanta New Earth Festival takes over the whole little community. Garage sales and booths up and down streets, fields of tents, every yard full of something interesting. Mom and pops selling water and soda for 50 cents a can. I have been attending the festival since before I was married, over 40 years ago. I even had a craft booth for 10 years in a row, selling country jumpers and clothing. We set up on the grounds of the public library. Some years, I would wear mittens and a winter coat, and the crowds would come. Other years it would rain every day and every minute, and we would throw hay on the ground, and the crowd would come.
Atlanta and I have changed over the years, homemade crafts are replaced with imported stuff, more food vendors and bigger people attend. And I can't really enjoy the crowds anymore. But it still calls every September, and I go.

Another fun stop was Horton's little festival in Tipton, Indiana. It is a landmark hardware store that has been restored and the owners have added a craft section. Four times a year, they invite outside crafters to set up tents and, it is a taste of fall in September.

Horton's makes great fudge - they sell it all year - in the hardware store.

I bought this witch's hat to go in a pumpkin -when I have a pumpkin. Growing pumpkin is an every year discussion. I like them but they grow all over the place and then the area can't be mowed. We didn't grow any this year.

These two quilt tops are my big excitement for the festival. They are both hand pieced and just lovely. Then begins the debate in my head, of finishing them or not and am I ruining them if I machine quilt them. Both are in such great shape and the fabrics are so wonderful. The dresden plate is at least twin if not full size. The nine patch is lap size.

I like her pastel center, then dark strips and pastels. Especially, the dark in the pastels. And the patches are not all the same size. What fun.

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  1. What a fun festival! Since you asked...I'd hand quilt the quilts. They are lovely!

    1. I'm not so sure my hand quilting wouldn't ruin

  2. Gosh two lovely finds! I'd probably hand quilt them too! The 9patch is delightfully unpredictable!

  3. Looks like very fun festivals. Both finds are gorgeous. I really like those Dresden plate blocks.

  4. I agree, hand quilt.....they are such sweet finds! Good eye!

  5. I've been finishing some old block sets for a customer -- she isn't a quilter but wants to finish some of the items left. I've used old patterns on them and long armed them. The owner loved the two I've done. I must say these were not well pieced but now finished they are well loved. I would suggest you do what you can do. By finishing the quilt you will preserve it.