Friday, September 30, 2016

Fieflies and color

I finished cutting the fireflys for fancy forest quilt. I am using cotton and steel fabric.
I like the way Elizabeth Hartman wrote the pattern. There is a big cut in the beginning of the pattern and then a subcut for each animal. If I had to do the whole thing in one sitting, I would not have finished in this century.  I stand to cut and I can sit to trim. My older back complains about cutting. I try not to listen but... How do you prefer to cut?

The firefly is the last critter in the forest - so close, and then, we see if they will play well together. I used the accuquilt to cut for my green hourglass swap. This is for the leader ender challenge at Quiltville
I mentioned our guest speaker at Kokomo Piecemakers Guild was Mary Huey from Ohio ( quilting through rose colored trifocals ). She had wonderful quilts to show us. Her presentation was about color, and I learned so much more about how color choices can improve a quilt. 
I realized that I tend to consider mediums as darks and they really aren't. That may make my choices a little messier looking and without much contrast. My Fancy Forest Quilt is my example. I was trying to use more modern up to date fabrics, but I don't like it. I think I didn't pay enough attention to contrast.
I left the meeting wanting to quilt more, better. Have you had speakers at your guild that are so persnickety about quilting and you leave thinking I can never measure up? This was just the opposite. Mary had the talent and the accuracy, but she was very genuine. And just enough funny.
Note to self : encourage helpers to be the same tall.

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  1. My back really hurts after cutting out a quilt, and I have to stand. I just came back from a quilt retreat. The cutting table was taller, and it was much easier. Sometimes I wait till I have a lot of trimming, and I go downstairs and do it on my kitchen counter which is taller.

  2. Now that all that cutting is done and dusted you can have fun piecing it all back together :)