Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Progress and smiles

I had a a productive day in my sewing room. My daughter and I used google hangouts to sew together in the afternoon. She lives in Utah, and I live in Indiana, so this is how we have to spend time together. She was working on quarter square triangles that she, Lucy, and I will swap for the leader/ ender challenge. I was working on thistles from fancy forest. I have discovered that I am anti - dyslexic. I can't mirror image without a few rip outs and trying again.  Good thing I am persistent.

I made kits for my dotty bow ties
I made my daily wild and goosey block, but this time, there were four, and I could make the whole block. So exciting to see another finished block. This is block 46. I think I need 48. So I am getting close.

But, the best part of the day, is the sweet voice of my grandson, in the background, singing to himself songs he is learning in kindergarten.
At one point, he was so energetic, that I giggled, and I heard him ask why are you laughing Grandma. And I told him, his singing had made me very happy so much so that it came out as a giggle.
I am still smiling.

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  1. Like those dottie bows! Very nice!

  2. I understand about the mirror image thing--I am the same way. Very nice blocks.

  3. your fabrics look great! I love how you use hangout to sew with your daughter. It reminded me of when I used to skype with my mom while I cooked. We haven't done that in a while and your post made me think to do it again. Cute grandson! Thanks! ~Melanie