Sunday, September 25, 2016

I love being a Grandma

Today is my youngest Grandchild's first birthday. I am celebrating. I have 8 Grandchildren - all of them have made my life so much richer. I am this little guy's paternal Grandmother. I have six Grandsons and two Granddaughters. His Father is my oldest child's fifth. They have their hands full. And I have my arms full.
I was thinking about my Grandparents. This is my Dad in the center and my Paternal Grandfather. I didn't know him. He died before I was born. My two brothers and one of my sisters is in the photo.  Everyone in this photo is gone. One of the draw backs of being the youngest, is being the one that is left for a time.

I worked all evening on appliqueing ( I've not done much of it) the leaves for happy birds by Jen Kingwell and will continue that for my slow stitching Sunday

 Stash report

Fabric Used this Week: bits and pieces

Fabric Used year to Date: 22 1/2 yards

Fabric Added this Week: 4 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 108.75 yards

Net Fabric for 2016: 86.75 yards in the hole

and I think I need to add shirts I buy to take apart for fabric. I added 0
for total of 5

My fabric added was charm squares. Doing the math, I noticed each charm pack isn't alot of fabric, perhaps 25 inches. No wonder a charm pack doesn't go very far. But I bought 6 charm packs so that adds up.

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  1. How sweet a post! Congratulations on your grandbabies! Love your block!

  2. What a neat block, love the scrappy fabrica you used

  3. The Kingwell design is a good one and you have made delightful fabric choices.

  4. Nice to see old photos being exposed to all who read but especially family members. Congratulations on the newest grand child. Did I interpret it correctly that he was born recently? We had our 4th (and most likely last) grand child last Monday. We are opposite -- 3 girls and 1 boy. Yep, you are right -- most precuts have little fabric at a higher price. I tend to buy them only when I find good sales. Or if I desperately need a new fabric fix!

  5. Your Jen Kingwell block is delightful! I love her patterns. Looking good!

  6. What a beautiful baby!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Love the block, the newest grandbaby is so cute