Friday, September 16, 2016

Making strings while the sun shines

I decided to treadle while watching Ghost Whisperer last night on netflix. I made 10 more string blocks. I'm not a fan of string piecing, so I leave it to my treadle and that makes it better for me. I really like string pieced quilts though.

But, it sure doesn't look like I am using these up anytime soon.
I am making 10 inch blocks using Missouri star foundation papers. I like them, I can add them to my orders to make the shipping seem more reasonable when I buy the deal of the day. But phone book paper works great too.
With fall in the air, I've noticed a deeper blue sky, and this one was spectacular. So blue, so flawless, and so perfect. I couldn't wait to record this in my scarf.
Here is my knit the sky scarf on day 15. I can see the dark gray when we were hit by lightning. The scarf is a project by leaf cutter designs.
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  1. phone paper? ha ha. I haven't owned a phone book for years :( but I do have some of Missouri's paper like that. I need to use it. Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. Those scraps, they multiply at night don't you know. Keep on sewing!

  3. I agree that string quilts are so beautiful but I do find them a bit mind-numbing to sew. That's good sometimes, though!

  4. I have a box of strips waiting...still waiting....thanks for the inspiration and for linking up!