Sunday, September 18, 2016

yellow or red

I'm trying to decide on borders for the tumbler quilt , even though it is not completely together, because I am going to cut tumblers from the border fabric to phase in the scrappy tumblers. well, that's the plan.  I narrowed it down to red

or yellow
I've decided on yellow. Because yellow is my favorite color -so why not. It isn't practical, or unisex, or classy, but it is my favorite.

For my slow stitching today, I am going to try and prepare my Happy Birds leafs for applique. I am all thumbs and whiskers on appliqueing, but I, at least, want to try before I give up and go straight to raw edge applique.

 Stash report

Fabric Used this Week: bits and pieces

Fabric Used year to Date: 22 1/2 yards

Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 104.75 yards

Net Fabric for 2016: 82.75 yards in the hole

and I think I need to add shirts I buy to take apart for fabric. I added 0
for total of 5

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  1. Thank you for sharing! It's turning out lovely!

  2. I agree follow your heart and use yellow that way you'll love it! The yellow really is a nice finish to all those wonderful tumblers

  3. Yellow is a neat color b/c it is so bright and cheery. Bits and pieces soon add up to yardage!

  4. Yes! You should always go with your favourite, even if it's not the choice of the general populous!

  5. Love your yellow choice for the tumblers. My favorite color too!! It looks like you used a small size tumbler and it is fantastic. Keep going. Applique in french means to patch. You are going to get better, each time you do it. Relax and let the process take over. Keep stitching!!

  6. No quilting police around here...use whatever color or print you want...what makes you happy!

  7. I like the yellow border fabric. It's going to be a fun scrappy finish.

  8. That red paisley is gorgeous!!! Maybe it's not your choice for this project but it will make some other project sing!

  9. I hope the applique goes ell. I have a similar shape to work on, but it keeps going to the back of the queue!