Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bad Bobbin and an adventure

Ack - What is this?
I was ready for the big ironing of the top, and I saw this. Ack How did I miss this?...
Oh and this!...
 The whole seam has skips and starts. I must have been blissfully thinking about something else. Bummer - back to the back and fix this insubordinate bobbin thread.  I need this finished for a guild challenge in less than a week.  sigh...

Over the weekend, we attended a warehouse sale in Windfall, Indiana. This couple buys estates, has an antique shop, vends at festivals, and then opens up the warehouse for a clearance sale once a year. This was our first visit. It suited my husband and I. We could dig through piles and buckets as if we were at an auction, but we didn't have to stay all day to get that one item, or be outbid. It was a perfect solution for us. There were no prices, they would just tell you when you asked., and, for the most part, it was cheap.

I bought an oak chair, that looked the right size for a washtub of flowers next year. It was just $5.00 so if it dies eventually in the weather, it will be ok.

I came home with this crock, a Western Monmoth 8 gallon. It has a superficial crack in the back. I will keep my onions in it until I ever decide to make pickles or saurkraut - yea right.

I loved these quilts, but didn't get them in time

This was just a top.

I like old cross stitch and hope to make a quilt of them. But, it is almost impossible for me to take apart a framed piece. I feel like I am being disrespectful of the one who put their time and talent into making this long ago. sigh..

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  1. That sale looks like so much fun. You found some great items. Hopefully the stitch correction doesn't take too much effort or time. I just hate it when I notice things like that later and not when they happen.

  2. Bummer about your quilt, but hopefully it will be a quick fix. As one who does cross stitch, I would rather it be taken out of the frame and re purposed than just sit there.

  3. I'm kind of glad to read that I'm not the only one to have experienced this sort of thread problem... ;-)
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party!