Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Goodwill quilt

This just breaks my heart. I found this quilt at Goodwill. It was an old quilt top that someone tied. Now, maybe they were trying to save it, but they ruined it. The blocks were hand stitched, and the blocks were put together by hand as well. Some of the blues were mourning prints ( post civil war), the piecing was good. It had to be a quilt top when someone decided to modernize it. Besides choosing ugly colors for the ties, the old fabric really couldn't handle the intrusion of the big string. I didn't feel any batting. Every place the string was tied, and there were too many why?, there would be holes if removed. And the binding was machine zigzaged. sigh....

I found some yummy remnants at Joann fabrics.
I buy black anytime I see it, gold because it is fall, interesting neutral for the leader/ender swap, and pink, because my scrap pink drawer is surprisingly not full.  I'm sure I could stuff much more in here, and it is my duty.
But when putting this away, I noticed I am missing the mark on my orange drawer.
That is pitiful. I need to be more diligent on filling this to capacity. Fortunately, my other color drawers are stuffed to capacity, no need for a covert buying spree for them.

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  1. That quilt looks so sad--I wish there were a way to fix it. :(

    Beautiful fabric remnants you got!