Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Magazine Challenge

Our guild has issued a magazine challenge. Find something in a quilt magazine that peaks your creativity and make it. I had already picked a quilt I wanted to make, so I have been slowly cutting, quilting, and assembling. This is the month we are to reveal our projects.
When I saw this quilt, I loved the wonky stars and figured easy peasy. - not so. Each wonky is carefully engineeered, no improv piecing involved. The designer was actually encouraging accuracy - bummer. It called for blue, green and red scraps- boy do I have a bunch of those. It didn't look like many matching seams. I was wrong again. and lots of points to make right.  Still, each star was fun and was worth a tada.

I free formed the quilting.

To save time, I applied the binding  with the longarm. I don't do that for customer quilts, but I like it well enough for mine. I have enough experience to know that it will finish looking straight even if It is wonky in application. I'm not sure a client could handle that leap of faith. It takes longer to longarm, but when it is done it is ready to go.

I learned the fold over binding technique in the 70s, back when we made quilts by candle light. LOL  I have no present interest in matching and sewing my binding ends together. I like them open and the miter corners too. It dates me, but then something has to.

Soon, a finish! I will be hand binding this while I watch netflix -lovely

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  1. What a fun challenge = Your stars look great!

  2. I love your wonky stars! I really like the fabrics you used. The colors are great! I want to do a wonky star quilt someday...it will be a while though, I have so many quilts in the line up for finishes and starts, plus whatever crops up in the meantime.