Thursday, October 6, 2016

My Christmas rug

I haven't stretched my rug out for awhile to get a god look. It stays in the frame and I carry it back and forth from home to guild. Sometimes it lives in the car between excursions. I am always surprised how much is done, after working on small parts at a time.
We are at the "wlll I have enough background wool" stage. Which means, I need to hook in different spots a bit, so that if I have to add in a different wool, it will look like it has been in the whole border not just added in at the last minute , even if it is.

here are some photos of rugs from the Sauder Ohio rug week.

This display was from Kay Wilde in Kayesville Utah. I have a son and daughter in Utah, so, of course I was interested.

I really thought about this rug for my next project. It is by Karen Kahle. I like her work. But, I decided to concentrate on finishing a carpet bag that I already have at home.

I loved this rug. The detail work was sensational. It looks like a photograph on a scrapbook page. And it meant something to the artist. How wonderful is that?
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  1. I like how you name the stage your at. I often found myself at this point and now will have a name to describe it. ;-)
    This is a beautiful rug. You must be anxious to start using it. I would. :-)
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. Have a nice week!