Monday, October 10, 2016

My first Etsy sale

I've been making these cozies for my rug hooking guild. Everyone loves them, as they keep fingers, arms, and other body parts from the sharp points on the frame grippers. I use mine to travel back and forth to meetings, since I am apt to be more casual in carrying it and get pricked. Others. leave their cozy on while hooking so they can rest their arms on it. I hook up on a table and with the frame tilted, so I don't need it then. I use fleece because it is thicker and easier. They could be any thick material.

I cut 2 strips of the fleece at 9 inches and use a hank of non roll elastic.

So, my guild encouraged me to try selling on etsy, and I sold 2. I'm sure there are not a lot of rug hookers out there, so a few here and there will be great mad money, and I will have done my part to make the world a safer place LOL
I love all the fun options of fleece.

If you know any rug  hookers  -

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  1. Congrats on your sales! It's always so fun to have a sale on Etsy. :) I hope you have many more!! Thanks for sharing these on Main Crush Monday.