Saturday, October 15, 2016

organization can be fun

I love Halloween. I wish I had a reason to really decorate the house and make fun food and happy costumes. But, instead, I have fun just looking.

I do, however, need some serious fabric decorating and reorganizing. It is scarey, spooky in my fabric "room". It was so bad that I was leaving sacrificial bundles just outside the door to placate the monster inside who was ravaging the room.
New shelf for fabric in the farthest corner of the room. And within minutes, it was full. Drat.
But I found some pretty fabric I had forgotten I had.

I made 300 black/neutral 1/2 square triangles for Midnight flight.

I made another Rug hooking frame cozy.


  1. How wonderful to have "so many yards of fabric you don't know what to do"! I wonder if your shelves have space on top for fabric? On a trip to Lancaster, PA I overbought fabric - if that's possible? I ended up rolling up my clothes and fabric to have enough room in my suitcase. Wow! I then realized I had made so much room I could have bought even more fabric! I'm just not sure if 1) we could really see our fabric if it's rolled up and 2) the fabric would be damaged if stored as a roll? Hmmm...

    I'm really curious about your Midnight Flight Quilt! The fabrics look beautiful!

  2. we will make space on top for sure. Rolling helps with bath towels - interesting idea.

  3. The photo of your fabric so neatly folded and arranged on the shelf hints to me to get busy with my own fabric laying in stacks here and there. I pull fabric for future projects -- too far in the future -- and leave it out. I must neaten and organize as you have done!
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

    1. If there were a way to pull fabrics and not get messy - we could sell it and be rich

  4. Your fabric looks so lovely and organized, all folded neatly and in rainbow order! I'm a bit jealous of all that yellow, a color I can't seem to find enough of :)