Sunday, October 16, 2016

Birds and fabric

Meet Helen the happy Bird number two. Hopefully, today, she and her friend Pete, will get an eye and legs while I take the time to slowly enjoy this new applique sport. I still feel all thumbs during the ironing phase, but I like the hand stitching.

 Stash report

Fabric Used this Week: 1yard

Fabric Used year to Date: 24 yards

Fabric Added this Week: 17 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 150.5 yards

Net Fabric for 2016: 126.5 yards in the hole

and I think I need to add shirts I buy to take apart for fabric. I added 0
for total of 10

It's never my fault that I buy fabric. It's the opportunities I can't resist.

 Really, Star wars fabric? for 2.50? - 1.6 yards

  And Double Bubble? and words for 2.50? - I loved double Bubble as a child
3 yards
And Malficient? for 2.50? When my children asked what Disney princess I wanted to be I would always tell them Malificient. They would laugh and Oh Mom me.
3 yards

And Mickey Mouse?
And a bug? with words? I love words
And I have a friend who loves  this kind of fabric - birthday gift

And a buy one get one free jelly roll- the other jelly roll lives with a friend and has to ruin her stash report.

  So, since I can't resist opportunities, I need to lock myself in the house. Oh wait the jelly roll came by way of the magical internet... sigh..

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  1. You have to refresh your stash when the price is right. Great additions!

  2. Your applique is just so pretty, I would love to be able to do that better. Just need more practice, and more patience, LOL!!

  3. Very pretty applique, love the bright colors. You brought home some very fun fabrics.

  4. You cannot in good conscious leave those great fabrics and with such a fantastic price in the store. Really, you are doing yourself a favor by bringing it home to live with you! You got some great deals. Your little bird is too cute.

    1. you are right - it is a matter of conscience - thank you

  5. Such a bright and cheerful bird. Oh so funky cute.

  6. I love that line... it's never my fault that I buy fabric!! LOL
    Helen looks beautiful... hopefully she has legs now!