Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The book has arrived!

Finally, It is here.
I ordered the book and tool combo and the tool was back ordered, and I felt like the only Bonnie fan to not have her new book. sigh..
I realize the tool is just a combo of the two rulers I already have and use, but I thought it would be handy to have it in one tool.
The book is a little different than usual, but I think it will work. I was telling my husband, that I am not as interested in making these. Bonnie Hunter has been showing bits and pieces, but keeps mentioning that she can't show any more. We( her fans) use to follow along with her, and get caught up in the whole process, and fall in love with the quilt. Not so this time. We haven't been as much a part of it.

I am hosting my small quilt group and I need to clean out the dining room - the place where half- done projects and spiders go to die. I was afraid of what I would find.
I work on my project life scrapbook in my dining room with the plan of a quick clean up If I am having company.
And I had certainly forgotten about this rug. The plan was to do a little every day, but I got distracted.
It's about 2x4 and I would like it bigger. I like the braiding and the stitching it together, but I hate joining strips. Some of this wool was from my Mother in law's pant suits after she passed away.

I decided to sell my treadle sewing machine from the dining room. It is a 1922 Damascus sold by Montgomery Ward. I love the cabinet. When I lift the lid, the whole machine comes up, and the front panel swings away for knee room. My husband has completely serviced it, and it runs great.  I have used it, but I have two others, and I don't need a sewing mess in my dining room. Hopefully, she will find a new home.

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  1. Beautiful sewing machine! Your rug is neat and how fun to make it especially as it will always remind you of your mother.

  2. I have one of Bonnie's books but have never used it. I am so used to looking at her blog and her free patterns on her page that I have never used her books. Maybe the book patterns were kept back a little bit this time because she is teaching through one of the quilting classes page - I don't remember which one - very expensive!