Friday, October 21, 2016

Time challenge

While sitting in the dentist waiting room, I spied this book.
I graduated with Rick and Hank. I was reminded how small the world really is. I didn't take any pictures of the inside, but I will have more opportunities later. I have to have a root canal redone. sigh... I thought they were permanent. It has been 8 years, and now it is hurting. weird.

I am trying to meet the guild challenge of finishing our magazine challenge quilt by next week.

1. Iron  - I found the bobbin problem- yesterday's post

1 1/2.  fix bobbin problem      check

2. pick borders by pulling 1,000 different fabrics out of their neatly stacked shelves and fling around the living room     check
3. Attach borders  and discover that all the prewound bobbins have been used. check

3 1/2. rewind bobbins and clean machine since using the bobbins means it's time.    check

4. prepare binding  check

5. make the backing - ick ick ick    ok using  a Christmas print is a little fun     check

6. longarm-  oops I forgot  Julie's quilt is already there and has the same deadline. It's small right? piece of cake. It can still happen...
I have Happy Bird group today and a 4 patch posie workshop Saturday. So maybe longarm on Monday and binding Monday night and Tuesday. Fingers crossed

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