Monday, November 14, 2016

Great Weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend - I did. The weather was great, and I played in our church little band performance for the first time ever.  I have never played a band instrument of any kind until 5 weeks ago. All of my children played in band throughout their school years. We have 7 State titles among them. I was so proud of them. My children played  a trumpet, 2 french horns, a flute, and a trombone. Sons 4 and 5 were already recruited for this little band, and they snagged me by saying I could play with my sons. Oh yes! please! The prospect was thrilling, until I realized I have never played anything. Yikes! I was offered the bells, umm that seemed easy enough, I can play the piano a bit. I practiced and practiced and Saturday was our big performance. I didn't bomb! Can you imagine? I didn't bomb it. wow. And there was all kinds of pride playing with my very talented sons, who were just amazing together. They had not played together, as there are 6 years between them. They grow up so fast.. I get all teary eyed as I think of all the amazing moments I had as a Mother watching and listening to them over the years. sigh...

I made progress on midnight flight flip and sew corners. I opted to make bonus triangles. When I am done ( in the not so distant future), I will have 576 bonus triangles in purple and blue. It takes 684 for Scrap Crystals by Bonnie Hunter, so  a mere 100 more and I will have another quilt in the making. I am using the new Bonus Buddy from Quiltville and I think it is working, the bonus triangles are coming out at 2 inches.

 After a bit of "what was I thinking", I was ready to tackle forest fancy quilt again. All I have to do are the fireflies, the angles are a bit challenging for me. Sew a little, rip a little, repeat. Eventually, I will end on a sew a little, and, poof, there will will be fireflies.

Slow stitch Sunday, I finished hand sewing the binding on the pink flannel baby quilt. And I have a finish.

I see all the wonderful pictures of quilts, on blogs, taken outside, with such lovely backgrounds, and all I get is dead leaves and wind. sigh...
This was a free pattern from somewhere. I can't see any information on the paper at all. I want to try and share it , notes and all. Hope I do it right.

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  1. Such lovely projects!! The fireflies look like they'll be gorgeous.

  2. You did have a productive week. Very fun projects in the works and congrats on a very pretty finish.