Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving aftermath

Whoosh and Thanksgiving is over. Bittersweet... It's good to get my peace and quiet back and maybe sneak in a few naps, but I miss and will always miss my kids and Grandkids when they are not here. I am not a good empty nester. I am adjusting sigh...

I managed to get a finish just before chaos hit. I am excited about this rug. Every square was hooked by a member of my guild. The Shaun the sheep was hooked by my husband, and the center I did. We passed them around for almost a year. I was so excited when it found it's way back home. I did a six inch version of my center design on everybody's rug.

While I had two of the boys here, I had them put a walnut tree log into the truck. I plan on taking it to Hollingsworth lumber and having it made into useable lumber for my husband for Christmas. Unfortunately, it won't be a surprise. In all these years, I have rarely surprised him. He magically discovers everything, but I needed his wood knowledge for this. I do have a trick up my sleeve though. I am determined to surprise him this year.

Joann had a great sale on Wednesday this year -70% off Christmas and flannel. But my favorite part is  remnants were 75% off. Woohoo. I found some fleece remnants for rug hooking cozies.
Christmas fabric is not a good investment, but I love it. I am not afraid of using some in any scrap quilt. And I have a really great quilt almost finished, that I will leave on my bed all year. It will make me happy to see it every day.

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