Monday, December 5, 2016

A new Mystery clue - En Provence

The Triangle in a square quilt block (aka 'Spikey and Peak') is a good old fashioned quilt block made so much easier over the years with new templates and tools.

Probably for the most accurate piecing, using a paper foundation would be the best.

Cake stand quilts has a great tutorial for using a whole square foundation and adding the wing triangles in a sew and flip method.

If you want to make your own template, this link will help.

I had really good results with Studio 180 V block trimmer when doing celtic solstice. She has you make it bigger and then trim down - bummer but nice finished block.

And Bonnie Hunter has a method using her new essential triangle tool which is a combination of Sharon Hultgren's easy triangle tool and companion angle. BTW my easy angle and companion angle tool still have her name on them as I bought them from her at a trade show when she first designed them in the 90s. We still owe her a debt of gratitude for introducing these great tools.
I am anxious to take Bonnie's tool for a test drive but not yet. This block and I have not been friends yet.

my wish for a way to cut these out..... Accuquilt studio die, but alas it is 95.00 and not on sale. It was on sale last week but not this week. sigh....
But this is what I have. I said earlier when you go big it's hard to go back. But I own it, and it mostly works. And I can buy a lot of fabric for 95.00.

So my progress of En Provence  and clue #1-
I have all 221 neutral 4 patches for the bright colorway and all 221 neutral 4 patches for the civil war colorway done.  and in their little homes.

For Clue #2, I have all of the bright colorway triangle in a squares cut out of a variety of neutrals and my magenta.
And I made a mess ( creative mess yes?)
and half of them sewn together to test if I can be accurate with the die cut pieces. Not bad if I don't get in a hurry.

I am keeping up so far. hooray

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  1. Wow! You are making the mystery in two colorways. How exciting! Looking forward to watching your progress.

  2. I love my Accuquilt cutter, but dang! those dies are expensive! I only buy them on sale, just once a year, and even though there are ones I would like to have I only get the ones that would be most helpful in the kind of quilts I make. I got one on sale last week, so I'm good for a while. :) You are so right - you can get a LOT of fabric for $95!!

  3. You look very organised with your boxes labelled and stacked up. Well done keeping up with double the workload!

  4. Loving your CW fabrics..I have a few of those.
    I just bought the Wedding Ring die set @ 10% off. I buy through Accuquilt online.

  5. Looks like you are keeping up. The dies are really high. I've only got one set, I just can't make myself buy another.

  6. I'm thinking of getting a Go cutter. Looks like it made your job easier.

  7. Ordered the die last week, hasn't arrived yet sooo, had to break down and start cutting...aargh. You are making some great progress - I'm up to 25+ on Clue #2 and counting...slow & steady. Your fabrics are wonderful!