Tuesday, December 6, 2016


 What is this?
There is no snow anywhere else. My car was the snow target? LOL

Val's archive theme this week is mittens. I have just unearthed a project that was left undone and packed away in the Christmas boxes.
I made these mittens from handspun yarn that my husband spun that was more art yarn than practical yarn. I loved the primitive Christmas look idea and knew it would make the yarn useful again. But even though it looks like I had gathered fun stuff to put in them, I didn't get them finished. I think there is still time.

I am nearly done with clue #2 from En Provence mystery quilt (link in sidebar). I have all the bright triangle in a squares blocks done, but only half way through the civil war colorway.

I am ready to press and beautify my Christmas rug.

And I want to update my progress on my Knit the sky Project. I nearly lost it when the Grandchildren came for Thanksgiving, but I am up to date.

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  1. I really like the homespun yarn your hubby made. The mittens look great! Will you string them to hang for decorations or are they big enough for hand warming?

  2. What neat mittens! I was also wondering if they are full size or just to be used as ornaments.....they sure look like they would be warm!

  3. I too like the homespun yarn and the mittens are adorable!