Monday, December 19, 2016

more triangle in a square (s)

Clue #4  has been released for En Provence, a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. She releases each new clue on Fridays. I didn't get a chance to start cutting until late Saturday.
I cut all the bright pieces, and most of the civil war centers. In odd moments I chain pieced one side.
pressed them
and added the second side
and presto changeo
all done!

 A few years ago, Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville had mentioned that she often cuts scraps into 10 in squares or strips to use for backs. They are an easy size to piece, and then the math is easy to figure  how many are needed. I have a box of those that I had cut, but I've never used them. I suppose I wanted them to match a little. They are mostly older very scrappy fabrics, I was not in love with anymore.
Working on Peter's log cabin quilt, I needed just a little bit more than the flannel back I had chosen, so I grabbed some blue ones and it was very easy to work them into a useable strip, and 8 of them would be long enough.
And I made his binding. And it is on the frame.

 Christmas here we come....

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  1. You look to have been busy.
    I love having the binding made before it is needed. I just have to be careful not to put it somewhere too safe, lol


  2. Love them!!! Mine are still in pieces - but your;s are so great!!

  3. You're making great progress on the mystery quilt. It will be interesting to see how Bonnie will use yellow and green along with the magenta/purple/neutral units.

  4. Your units look great! I love the idea of saving scraps in 10" widths for backs. That's so clever.

  5. I have a hard time using scrap blocks on the back of quilts. But every once and a while I jump in with two feet and succeed in using up older fabric. Good luck getting this quilt finished.

  6. I love using up pieces of fabric that I have had forever. I don't really have a stash. I buy what I need for each project. I know, I'm not the normal fabric shopper. LOL
    Merry Christmas and Happy sewing!