Friday, December 2, 2016

Part two

Part 2 of the mystery  En Provence has been revealed. We need our magenta and neutrals to make our units. So I have a decision to make. The fabric I have enough of, I don't like as well. So do I make my blocks with a mix of what I do like? or use the one I don't like as much? My favorite is the one in the middle. sigh....
I have the go die. But once you go big to the accuquilt studio it is hard to go back to the go size. But 100 units shouldn't be that tough.
I participated in a cookie exchange last night and came home with a plate of womderful goodies.

I took Mexican Wedding Cookies . This was one of my favorite Holiday treats growing up that my Mother made. I loved watching her make these. It was my first recipe in my own recipe box when I started my own family traditions.  What I didn't realize was that she made them a little different. She would take a glass and flatten them on the cookie sheet.  So imagine my surprise when there were fake Mexican Wedding cookies masquerading as little balls of dough. Yuk. A big doughy mess in my mouth. When they are flattened, they taste delicate and pecany, and like my Mother had made them again.  My favorite.

Fun stuff in my mail. I am anxious to try this.

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  1. Oh, those cookies looks yummy :)

  2. Use your favorite until it's gone, then add some of the others for the rest of the units. That way the majority of the pieces are made with your favorite. All of the fabrics are quite lovely, though.

  3. I love the 3 colors you have for the quilt ... is it a secrete what pattern you will be using?

  4. Those fabrics are all beautiful, but I agree that the one in the middle is prettiest :) Have fun with the mystery quilt!

  5. I agree with Vera, use all of your favorite then add some of the not favorite. The darker color will add some variety. Last evening I pulled a bunch of cookie recipes to make but put them away this morning. The problem with Christmas cookies is I have no discipline and will eat too many of them! I agree, the Mexican Wedding cakes are better when they are flattened. I think they get too dry when they are in a ball. Blessings! Gretchen

  6. I agree with Mari and Gretchen. They're all very nice fabrics! Thanks for linking up to Finished or Not Friday.