Tuesday, January 17, 2017

changing borders

I have reached a moment of truth with my monthly goal UFO. I still can't find the all the border pieces, and I can't finish without them. I have really tried cleaning up enough to find them, but time has run out for that.
At one time, I had made a choice from these two fabrics.

I picked yellow, because it is my favorite color. But, now, I am going to use the red.
I have removed the upper and bottom border of yellow and replaced them with a 5 inch border of red. Tomorrow, I will add the side borders. Maybe, we can move this along and finished by the end of the month. The longarm is empty right now, so if I get it bordered, I can pop it right on the frame.
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  1. That red will set it off perfectly. It's going to be gorgeous!

  2. Sometimes, choices are difficult to make. :-) This deep red will frame the quilt beautifully.

  3. I love the red - even though yellow is also my favorite color! So pretty!

  4. The red looks really good too. But that still has to be completely frustrating to not be able to find your first choice.