Thursday, January 12, 2017


I have struggled of late with lack of motivation and procrastination. There is a natural let down after the holidays, and all my loves going back to their normal lives. I used to think I was not cut out to be a Mom and now I think I was not cut out to be an empty nester.  sigh...
Our days are too cold and dark, or cold, rainy, and dark. I haven't seen sunshine in a few days. I am finally recovering from the plague we have had. I think I can start to be among the living, and not infect them with dreadful germs. It was not the flu as we all had our shots. I have missed my rug hooking group, and my small quilt groups.

I am setting goals for cleaning my desk and the laundry room of 10 min a day. My desk is a pile of stuff chronologically organized. LOL The laundry room is full of all the beddings and linens from our family visits that needs to be laundered and find their way back to their homes. Because they are big items, it is going rather slowly.

I think I have been gob stopped by the biggies of quilt bleeding disaster, loss of borders for my monthly project, and a hand knitted sock misfortune. I am a little unsettled, as my husband has gone back to work after 8 weeks sick leave. So it has been awhile since I have had my own routines. I must have forgotten them.

I am sure I will perk up any time now.

I have been working on my rug hooking project. I want to get the big sections done on the other side of my bag, before I fill in the little places.

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  1. It can be really hard to get back into the swing of things after the fun and merry making of the holiday. Hopefully things will get more settled soon since you are feeling better.

  2. Your motifs are gorgeous. It must be satisfying to see colors fill them. :-)