Monday, January 23, 2017

silly quilt

Perhaps not so smart to blog about a huge mistake I made on a quilt that must be named a series of unfortunate events. Again, my tumbler quilt, the January UFO and One Monthly Goal, has tried to engulf me in discouragement. But, Alas, I don't give up easily.
 I have been machine quilting it, slowly, as I saw the end in sight, I noticed that the back was not going to be long enough. Really. by about 2 inches. Really. What to do? My featherweight saved the day.
I cut another strip of backing, I unattached the bottom of the quilt, flipped it to the back of the frame, and inched my featherweight down the back of my longarm frame sewing it to the rest of the backing. Sew a little, move the featherweight, sew a little, repeat. Then, I reattached the backing to the frame and kept quilting. sigh....
Now, I figured and figured the size I would need in the first place. Where did I miscalculate?  Who knows.I am guessing I had the backing turned wrong either when I pieced it or when I put it on the frame. sigh...  But, hey, the binding was big enough ! It was fixable and it will make a great story a few weeks from now.

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  1. I am so glad you posted about this! Everyone makes mistakes and Murphy's Law guarantees that what can go wrong, WILL go wrong, especially when you're on a deadline! I think your solution was very clever; glad you were able to save the day.

  2. Well done for not panicking and throwing in the towel, and great solution!

  3. That was a great fix for the backing. Thanks for sharing because you know, someone somewhere else has probably done the very same thing and not said a word... ;) Thanks for linking up with MCM!

  4. You are not alone in this type of mistake! I have had to sew on extra BATTING, lol

  5. Way to solve the problem. MacGyver would be proud