Thursday, February 23, 2017

My lists

I have lists. Sometimes, I follow them as if they were a treasure . But, Sometimes, I ignore them and perhaps hide them ( although I think they walk about on their own). My favorite list is on the computer using a program called trello. I love it because I can make it a visual list, and I can arrange the lists side by side. I visit it a couple times of day, just to be inspired.

There is the magic of moving a "card" from one list to another. For instance, when the planning is done, I can drag it and drop it in the cut list. When the cutting is done, I can drag it to the sew list.
I try to keep the working part of the lists small with just a few tasks. But the dream side of the list is chock full of inspiration.

The UFO list is arguably too long, But, maybe someday list is even longer. When I see something I like visiting around the internet, I add it to the list. It makes me a very happy girl to scroll through and think I might someday make these beauties. And occasionally, a maybe someday moves to planning. Oh happy day. Most of my pictures are from where I find them. So I want to share a few and hope that squares with copyright issues.

next to be quilted ( all finished and ready to be quilted): butterflys
Easy street - Bonnie Hunter
celtic solstice - Bonnie Hunter

The top on my maybe someday list :

from Em's scrapbag. It bounces from here to planning a lot,which means I really want to make it, I just can't fit it in just yet. But the Spring colors, the scraps, are so appealing right?  There is more than one of Em's quilts on my maybe someday list. Hooray for Em.

My Grand children and I also visited the Soldiers and Sailor's monument in downtown Indy. What a testament to courage and bravery. It had popped up into my radar again when my daughter mentioned that she had just met the Grandaughter of the man who built it. In Utah. at a quilt meeting. Small world.
But the biggest sign of bravery here - My husband proposed to me here in 1974.

 We visited the eskenazi sky garden fo another view of the skyline.

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  1. I've seen trello, but never used it. Looks like it's a great way to keep things organized.