Friday, February 10, 2017

quiltathon day 2

Judy at Patchwork Times quiltathon day 2 for me. I sewed a few flowers for American Beauty Rose, and I am ready to start laying them on the block. This part has me intimidated.

As a diversion from having to take the next step on Rose, I made some leaves for the Rainbow scrap challenge. At the last minute, last month, I decided to add 2 new quilt starts to the challenge. Maple Leaves and Cutting Garden. so I still have last months leaves to make. I need 9 of them.

I spent some time sewing cheddar onto my midnight flight rectangles , and marking bonus triangles using Bonnie Hunter's bonus buddy. I do love that thing.

While resting. I decided to unknit my sock that had gone terribly wrong. It was risky to take it apart. But, it was either that or start over. If this doesn't work I will start over. problem solved.
I think I caught it all and got back on good footing. Pun intended. I am going to turn the heel yet again.

Pretty exciting day that even included a little fabric shopping ( who me?) and much loved time talking with my daughter via hangouts.

I am linking to:
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  1. Looks like you are making progress on several fronts, great job

  2. That sock looks intimidating to me - congrats on figuring it out. You've done all the bias for your rose block? Here's to progress on our third day.

  3. The Beauty Rose pieces are looking good. Do you have those little applique pins and can you just pin the blocks down at first to preview them? I find that sometimes for applique blocks I need to see the whole block (Beth Ferrier calls it "dry fitting") before I feel confident enough to make the final step of stitching the pieces down.

  4. I made my Midnight Flight after taking a Class with Bonnie. It will be fun to see your choice of colors. The Cheddar is right up Bonnie's alley. She loves it! Nice to see you are a fan of the new Ruler. It's much better than the business card cut to measure.

  5. Many interesting projects on the go here. Thanks for linking to TGIFF and we look forward to your finishes.

  6. You got lots done during your quiltathon day. Love the bright yellow in your socks. Those are going to be a very fun bright and fun pair of socks.