Thursday, April 27, 2017

bees be gone

on my post about dandelion jelly, Jocelyn Thurston  -Canadian Needle Nana said that

in Canada they are encouraged to not mow the dandelions since they are the first food for bees in the Spring. I replied something about how I have enough dandelions growing in my yard to keep all the bees happy.   And and my big mouth....

I came home to find an infestation of honey bees in my kitchen and bathroom windows. hundreds. I was a little freaked out by them.  When I tried to open the window to let them out, One of the bees stung my finger.  It really hurt. Now my right index finger is swollen, red, and itchy.
We couldn't find any reason for the swarm in our house, except serious incompetence on the part of the scout bee. I am sure he has been subsequently fired. My husband was smart enough to wear gloves when escorting them back outside to freedom. Sad to say at least one of them perished. Dumb bee.

I am mowing the dandelions- they can go to Canada if they want.

I am quilting the carpenter star with a light turquoise feathery thing - really pretty.

I found this at Joann. I already have one, but it was fun seeing it. Did any of you buy fat quarters bundles and jelly rolls at 75% off?  That was a great deal. I am not sure I will confess with pictures how much I enjoyed that sale.
At a quilt store, I found this and bought the pattern. So cute for storing small scraps.

Back to Jocelyn.. I loved this project on her blog. I wonder if I could do it?

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  1. They were looking for dandelion jelly :)

  2. Well, I live in Canada and never heard of that not-mowing-the-dandelion rule. I live in the province of Québec and we are encouraged to mow them before they turn white to avoid the spreading of the seeds.
    I'm sorry to read that you were stung and that your finger has become so bad. I heard the honey can reduce the swelling. No kidding! I hope for you that it will get better soon!