Friday, April 28, 2017

garlic knots

All finished and now I can quilt the Happy Birds Quilt and maybe actually finish it before the 30th.
I love how this looks.

I just started sewing garlic knots blocks. I have other projects, but I just started sewing.

At first, I was anxious to see each block, I didn't want to wait, so I was chaining 2 at a time. But, eventually, I realized, I would rather cut a bunch at a time than one at a time. Then, I could cut the pairs on the accuquilt.

In one afternoon, I had 25 finished. They are so quick and easy, I may make the quilt bigger.

I have lilly of the valley staging a prison escape, across the sidewalk and into the garden closest to the road. I guess from there, they plan to hitch hike a ride and be gone to parts unknown. They thought they were being so quiet, but I see what they are up to, and will corral them back to their cell. I think the hosta was in on it, offering cover.

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  1. Your star quilt is amazing, such beautiful quilting. Garlic knots has been on my radar, I might have to start it SOON.
    Sylvia at Treadlestitches

  2. I love the quilting on your star quilt. Happy that you finished it before 30 April. LOL

  3. What rock have I been living under?? I've never heard of "Garlic knots". what what? So my other, other sister gave me a bag of a few hundred 2.5 inch squares and I thought if I mushed them up with my couple thousand 2.5 inch squares then that would make a great quilt. I've bee hummin and hawing for weeks searching for a pattern and I finally decided on "granny squares". Until now.... now that I see this magic garlic knot. My brain is all messed up again. perhaps I will use both the Granny Square and Garlic Knot..... more pondering. Thanks for messing with my brain. <3