Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Irish chain

Our small quilt group met last night, and Irish chain became a top minus the borders.

I made a few more garlic knots and cross blocks
Shelly has been cutting her recycled shirts into 10 in blocks, 5 inch blocks, 2 in blocks and 2 1/2 inch strips. Her box looks so awesome. I wish I was this tidy and consistent. I am more of a willy nilly fabric flying kind of quilter. But I can appreciate her work.
We have a new little treasure found at an antique store. Wait till we discover what's inside.

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  1. What great progress and quilt top. The sewing machine looks very interesting. I hope you can get it to work - provided you bought it =)

  2. thanks so much for sharing and for linking up!

  3. Your Irish chain quilt is beautiful. I wonder what color borders you are going to add to it . . . I will have to wait and see. ~smile~

  4. Great looking Irish Chain quilt! Be sure to link up again at Midweek Makers when it's got borders!

  5. Your Irish Chain is looking great. Congrats on all the progress.