Thursday, May 25, 2017

making a border

I decided on my border for wild and goosey, and it would include a collection of 2 x 3.5 inch rectangles that I have cut out of the last of a scrap. Many of these were cut during my Carolina chain cutting marathon here. Bonnie Hunter suggests this size as one part of her scrap user's system. These are great for bricks in a quilt, or as the base for flying geese. I have a small collection, but I haven't ever used them. They are the perfect size for what I want to do in the border.

I cut 2 inch strips from whites and chain sewed these rectangles and 2 inch squares to it.
I ironed them and trimmed them with a 2 inch ruler.
I sewed them together in a dot - dash pattern. One strip full was about 71 1/2 inches which was close to the size across the top and the bottom.

And I want a little white on either side, now I am excited.

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  1. Perfect! The scrappy rectangles tie it all together! Happy dance! :-)

  2. Your border looks perfect, what a great idea! Borders can be such a problem at times, looks like you came up with a great solution.