Thursday, May 18, 2017

vintage blocks

I unearthed some vintage blocks in my semi cleaning. I take forever to finish cleaning, because I want to stop and work on what I find. The word "just" messes with my head. I will JUST sew a few seams. I will JUST cut  a few scraps. And then the birds will sing and the clouds will part and I will succeed.
These blocks were machine sewn, and rather badly. Every block was a different size. I wanted to use the fabric - they are so cool - but I really didn't want to unpick 24 blocks. Then I realized I could trim them  to the same size and cut them apart at the same time.  Wooho - I will JUST do that. and JUST sew them back together.

I decided 4 1/2 inches would fit just about all of them.

Such fun fabrics. I wish I new the time frame. It was before my sewing experience.

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  1. Such cute blocks, wish I could help you with the fabric line. I'm glad you found a way to use them.

  2. Great idea to rework those pinwheels. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap! I have the same problem with Just wanting to do something quick :)

  3. Those are some very fun fabrics. It would have been a shame to not resurrect them in some way. The pinwheel blocks are a perfect show case.

  4. You are so creative in your solution! Yes, "just" can be a deceiving little guy - but he's so much fun to play with! Thank you for sharing!