Wednesday, June 21, 2017

bargain basement shirts

I have been accidentally working on Bonnie Hunter's bargain basement quilt from scraps and shirttails. Accidentally, in that, I have been cutting through scraps, and I ran into a batch of shirt yokes and cuffs and collars. I didn't think I would have enough to cut out the whole bargain basement, but I could make a dent in the cutting. I had enough to make all the 3 1/2 inch rectangles I would need. so any littler pieces went toward any other pieces I would need.

I was in luck when I found, while sorting, several 3 1/2 inch odd shirting blocks that I could use for the specialty squares. I had a few 4 patch and 1/2 square triangles that I could make work. It was so easy to keep going....

I found all the 6 1/2 inch strips I would need in the 2 inch bin of strips. It is amazing how easily this quilt is coming together. Such a happy accident!

I have been working on the bonus triangle black hole. I have pressed and counted and trimmed.

I should have some options for quilt with all that I am finding int the BIG bin that I have used to toss and forget.

unfortunately, the 2 1/2 inch squares that I had nearly used up in projects has filled back up to this. I don't really want the squares. I can just use strips when I need them but when that is the last bit of a scrap it would be wasteful not to cut them. I find these velveeta containers at goodwill and they are perfect for the squares.

I am in the mood to keep cutting shirts and parts. I forget how much I love the look and feel of recycled shirt fabric in a quilt.until I get to play with them again.
I found this pattern that I think would work with plaids. Although, my inspiration board has several, and I have a couple ideas from Bonnie's scraps and shirttails books. I love these books

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  1. thanks so much for sharing your projects!

    and linking up!

  2. Looks like you're getting lots of cutting and organizing done! That reminds me, I've got some plaid shirts to cut up...somewhere!

  3. Hi Maggie,
    Well, it looks like you are having a blast and enjoying it too. When a quilt comes together that easily, it is meant to be. I say work on it while you are having so much fun! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Oh my, another pattern I haven't looked at. I too have been working on my shirt bins and cutting for several ideas I want to make. Will have to go look at Bargain Basement. Thanks

  5. Oh my - that looks like such fun! Makes me want to dig into old shirting fabric I have, and some 5" squares, though it would probably be months before I got to it. Thanks for sharing the inspiration on Midweek Makers!