Wednesday, June 7, 2017

borders for orange crush

It's time to work on the border pieces for orange crush, now that I have remade my missing blocks. I spent my time at small quilt group last night making 96 shaded 4 patch. I used my 3 1/2 inch strip bin and my easy angle ruler to cut the big triangles. I die cut the little neutral triangles from 2 inch strips, and took my 2 inch square bucket for the squares in the corner.

I started putting them together in a flying geese manner.And then will begin to piece the border rows.

I cut a bunch of quarter square triangles for my leader/ender swap, and any extras for just making hourglasses. I need something to use as leader/enders as I try to put rows together for orange crush.

I find on point settings challenging, but I think it is ready to assemble with all the squares going in the right direction.  I will have to leave it on the design wall and take a row or two at a time to the sewing machine. The very act of turning and walking in a different direction can have the effect of my brain switching the pieces LOL. Fingers crossed. This is a free pattern at Quiltville.

 looking at colors for the house....  What color is your house?

Hubby is replacing some of the wood on our back porch,,,  We have an old milk house made of cement stones that are deteriorating as we scrape them. I hope it will paint well.

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  1. Super fun blocks. I LOVE orange crush! Come link up at Mama Sparks World too. tell her Kathy S. sent you. I'm hoping there will be enough for a giveaway.

  2. You had a productive evening! This quilt is looking fantastic - you're almost there! We went for a taupe color for the main part of the house, with a burgundy door, and navajo white for trim. Love three color combos! Thanks for sharing today on Midweek Makers!

  3. wow!!
    your project is coming along so nicely!

    thanks for linking up!

  4. My house is beige.... but I have admired houses that are that darker green you have a swatch of! Of course, I always liked the grey with black shutters combo too... lol!

  5. Our house is mainly brick, with some beige accents. Your Orange Crush looks great. I've been known to pin right at the design wall so I don't switch the side that needs to be pinned before I get back to the sewing machine. Hope the construction has gone smoothly.