Friday, June 16, 2017

peaches and quilts

We bought a bushel of Georgia peaches from the peach truck. It was our first time to do this. It has an itinerary of stops along the way through Tennessee and Kentucky and Indiana. The peach crop was damaged this winter, so there were no choices, just cling style. We needed to wait a couple of days to can them as we waited for them to ripen. I was afraid, there wouldn't be any left.They were so good on cereal, and ice cream and just sliced in a bowl. yum....

I had 2 jars break - so sad - and I don't know why. I may not have had the jars warm enough or the water too hot when I put them in the water bath canner.

I pulled out another project box that I have been taking on the road with me. It's time to put it together. This is a great jelly roll mystery quilt from Cindy Carter. I taught this as a guild workshop in 2013, but I didn't finish mine. I had the string blocks together but I needed to add the cornerstones and make a border. It will be a bright and happy quilt.

My string blocks went from this ..

to this...
and this

and de-papered.

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  1. Your mystery quilt is so bright and cheerful! I love it. I have signed up to do my first mystery quilt in the near future, and I am really looking forward to it. --Andrea

  2. love those string blocks, and those peaches look delish!!!

  3. Oh those peaches .... I miss all the preserving I did when I lived in New Zealand - fruit is just too expensive to buy and preserve here in the UK. You've definitely been busy with the quilting too. Thank you for linking up to TGIFF :)

  4. Bottling peaches brings back memories of my earlier years - so satisfying to see all those jars lined up. Like your previous comment, I am also from New Zealand and love our beautiful fresh produce. Although I don't do bottling anymore, I still make jam occasionally and feel much the same with the delicious results put away in the pantry.
    I love your bright and happy jelly roll mystery quilt - it's a lovely design and more structured than the jelly roll race quilts that are also being done.