Friday, July 21, 2017


I can't resist a glitter block or two while I am working. They are just like little mini quilts in and of themselves. This is a Jen Kingwell pattern from Quilt Lovely book.

And since all my box kite ( also Bonnie Hunter) blocks are cut, I enjoy throwing them in as leader/ enders while I am sewing. They are such fun. Since there are 120 blocks, I will be showing them for awhile.

I used my treadle to stitch the border together for Star gazing.I really enjoy the process of treadling. I knew it was not necessary to have this perfect, so it was an option. Although I do have a seam guide on it, I usually just string quilt so that I don't have to be sure it as accurate.

And I have the inner border of gold on star gazing. It certainly is not an away project any longer, too big, needs too much focus.  More about this here and here. So what will I take today to small group? I have several quilts that are ready for borders or assembling. I don't like taking those, and since I don't want to start something new, I will have to rummage through the project bins to find something that works away from home. And then I will be off on a new tangent.

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing all your blocks...all 120 of them. You've really got some great quilt eye candy up today...especially love seeing your star gazing. Have a great weekend! --Andrea