Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mitered borders

After, I had the fussy cut border on Mill girls, it was time to miter the corners. The pattern called for varying lengths of strips in the border, preparing for the miter. I folded the quilt block itself on the diagonal, and that helped line up the borders on two sides. I pinned and pinned and then pinned some more. One hint: at the attached part of the border make sure the seam allowance in pushed up away from the border toward the quilt.It helps to find the sweet spot to start sewing.

I slid the ruler, using the 45 degree line on the actual stitching line until I reached the point where the stitching stopped. I drew the line with a frixion pen. And stitched on that line from the quilt outward to the corner.
And then I cut off the extra. oooo scarey. I pressed the seam open and the tip at the quilt down toward the miter.

And I was thrilled with how well they mitered. All the lines were continuous. yipee.

It is getting bigger and heavier. Next round will include all the 6 inch blocks that were made in the very early months. I thought the blocks would be the hardest to do, but seems easy peasy at this point.
I am still not happy about the four patch border being a little big. I wish there had been some measurement guidelines along the way to know if it was going to fit.

Summer has been a blur.....

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  1. wow!!
    lovely border!
    you are brave, I have never tried a border like that!

    thanks for linking up!

  2. Your quilt is coming along beautifully. Well done on those mitred corners

  3. This is looking so good! Mitered border can be scary, but it looks like you conquered it! Thanks for sharing today

  4. Simply stunning, although I doubt it was simple at all!

  5. Wow that is a great border and brilliant with your mitre!

  6. The quilt looks amazing, but that border line-up is awesome!

  7. Oh, this looks so wonderful! Mitered borders would definitely intimidate me. Your corners and the border look great!

  8. The borders turned out beautifully!