Thursday, July 20, 2017

Star gazing

I have made a little progress on Star gazing ( Bonnie Hunnter - quiltville ) from the book Scraps and shirttails.

  I have 2 or 3 rows to go. I have enough extra blocks to add another row, if I want to recut and sew some sashings. and figure the change to the pieced border. The sashing fabric is really much greener than in the picture. I think what happened was I started this quilt as a the free pattern on Bonnie's site, and I made the number of blocks for that one which doesn't have sashings. Then the book came out and the same pattern had sashings and I couldn't decide if I wanted sashings ,so I put it aside.
When I got it out recently, I decided I would do the sashings and get it off the UFO list. The sashings were perfect for an away project. And I think I will use all the blocks.

I spent 15 minutes cutting scraps again. I am trying to do that every week. Today the 3 1/2 inch strip cutter was in the accuquilt, so I did that size.  The second set from the right is flannel. I am collecting enough flannel strips for a donation quilt. So any flannel gets cut to that size. Do you think I will ever "use up" all the scraps?  sigh...

I am linking to:
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I may have a scrap problem 

I have been following the 12 days of Christmas and really enjoying the projects. I am also starting to hum Christmas Carols

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  1. Star Gazing is coming along beautifully. You've been doing a great job of working on many scrap projects. Using them all up? Probably not. But it's a fun problem to have.