Monday, August 21, 2017

Friday quilt group

My friend Linda and I were discussing the closing of our quilt shop( 3 years ago already) and we realized that we both had a quilt kit in common that neither of us had started. We both had bought the same kit before we had even started sewing together. We picked a Friday and began the cutting together. I doubt very much that I would have gotten this cut out and ready to go with out the support of doing it together. Quilting friends are the best. Quilters are the best.

The pattern was a bit hard to follow. It was the kind that lists fabric by letter, and we had to keep referring to a chart to know which fabric was which. I think we did it. I hadn't brought any paper or labels so I had to improvise with paper towels from the restroom. lol

Other Friday group happenings:
Connie was cutting for a dresden plate quilt

Sue was working on wild and goosey paper piecing

Shellie was cutting for a scrappy calico quilt

Linda was binding a quilt

I made the center star for the civil war Christmas quilt

Our Friday group meets on Fridays at the public library. It is such a fun time for me. Every little bit moves us forward.

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  1. Thank you for inspiration and linking to the Show and Tell Monday !! Bambikram

  2. Ooh -- I really like the center star for the Civil War quilt. I hate when it is difficult to figure out cutting directions. I wouldn't have thought to bring sticky labels but that would have really helped you out!

  3. How fun that you both had the same old UFO kit! I'm loving the paper-towel labels. :)