Friday, August 4, 2017

how i do the glitter block

mill girls is on the long arm frame with a wool batt.

woohoo - I am taking my time on this one.

I took pictures of my process on the Jen Kingwell glitter block. Maybe it will help someone else.
There are several pieces to the block and I need to use the templates for marking at the machine. There are 5 pieces of the main fabric 4 pieces of the  accent fabric and 4 pieces of background fabric. They need a press.

Since there are 2 seams for the center, I start with that seam. I line up the main fabric square and an accent square and sew the seam completely.
The rest of the accent squares are lined up with the upper left side of the main blade. I make a pencil mark on the outside hole. I hold the blade pieces with the wide point at the top. A mechanical pencil is the only marking instrument that is small enough to fit in the hole.
Then I can sew from the tip to that point, back stitch ,and turn the piece so I can chain the next one.

I can clip off the first patches from the back of the machine, and then I add the second accent square to the first squares to make a threesome.

Next I add the triangle to blade shaped piece on the far right I know I need a long straight line so that's how I remember how to place the triangle.
Next I sew these two units together. I have to mark the the 1/4 inch seam at the left but can sew all the way through on the right.

Here I have to add some other leader / ender piece, in this case the kite block, to keep the chain going.
I add the the other blade piece to the unit again marking and back stitching the square that is on the outside of the blade piece.

The next step is to add the background pieces with a y seam. I will post about that later.
I am off to make a pass on mill girls.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your process; it's interesting. I shall be sewing as much as i can on the machine but I think I'll be sewing the Y seams by hand!

  2. Those glitter blocks are absolutely amazing! Thanks for the tutorial on your process. Have a great weekend! Andrea

  3. Thanks for sharing the process, those blocks look almost impossible to machine piece.