Wednesday, September 20, 2017


I had these started a few years ago and thought it would make a nice leader/ender project while I am finishing a few tedious parts of projects. I had nearly 30 blocks already made in the 6 inch size, and 20 un the 3 inch size. The little ones are so much fun and really bring out the smiles, but it will take a gazillion to make a quilt.

I have 30 more sets cut and pinned together.
And these are deep stash scraps.

The sets I cut with just 3 inch squares. The pattern calls for 2 7/8 so I just plan on trimming. All the squares are based on 2 1/2 in squares.

I don't rreally have a plan for them, so I don't know how many I need. I thought about something like this...

This is when I really wish I knew how to use EQ.

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  1. love your blocks...
    thanks so much for linking up!

  2. The baby churndashes are ADORABLE!

  3. I love my EQ7. It has some great tutorials. Your scraps are coming together nicely and would look great using a similar layout to the one you posted. Happy sewing! Andrea

  4. Lovely blocks! As for EQ, just start playing with it, as it's quite easy use. And the manuals are well written too. Thanks for sharing!

  5. That's a great leaders and enders project. You do have to play a bit, but EQ really isn't too bad, the help menus do help.