Monday, September 4, 2017

En Provence monthly goal

My one monthly goal and Ufo for September is to work on my Bonnie Hunter En Provence quilt from her mystery last year.

I have all my pieces ready to sew together. And I have been very patient waiting for the month that this would be my goal. I actually have 2 versions of this quilt to this point. This one is in the colorway Bonnie suggested, and I have one in civil war fabrics. But I want to get this one to the flimsy stage this month. I have so enjoyed all the versions I have seen posted.
Every year, I hope that my sewing has improved enough to make the assembling easier, with less smacking my head when the blocks are a little too big or too small, and the top is a little wonky. I do so enjoy the process, though.

And I have more glitter blocks finished.

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  1. Very pretty glitter blocks! Good luck with finishing off En Provence. I'm down to just needing to complete 3 blocks. I'm looking forward to seeing how your version turns out.

  2. This will be such a pretty quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  3. Ooo, Maggie! Lots of goodness in these 3 pictures! I didn't get to particpate with En Provence since I was sewing a whole wedding party set of Renaissance clothes. I'm looking forward to being insane again this upcoming winter and joining in on the next Bonnie mystery. Everything looks so promising and pretty for both of your tops! And the glitter blocks - what fun shapes!