Saturday, September 30, 2017

is cheddar orange?

offering a bit of orange and blue and pink for the rainbow scrap challenge. The month is ending and with it the orange for the month of September. This quilt is almost a finish, it just needs borders, etc. This is Double Delight a free Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt at Quiltville.

We had an adventure to a fall market.
My hubby grabbed this fork and mentioned it might be big enough for our youngest son. who inhales food.

 What I liked about these pumpkins was that the tops were just gathered together and sisal was wrapped around them to hold the ends. No sewing needed. think of the scraps you could use.

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  1. I was asking that question at my quilt group the other day - what color is cheddar really?! I'm not sure any of my group mates knew the answer! Looks like there were lots of fun displays at the market!

  2. Haha!! (That fork!) Maggie, you've had a great month for quilts! I love seeing that since mine has been deep-sixed for bed rest. Your Double Delight turned out great. Can't believe how quickly you got that together. And I saw En Provence completely finished - so pretty! Looking forward to quilting mine up.

  3. I think cheddar counts as orange. Congratulations on the finish. So much work in that quilt. So pretty!

  4. Cheddar is definitely orange in my book -- although I did have some white cheddar cheese recently ...

  5. I think cheddar changes color depending upon what it is next to but if I had to give it a place on the color wheel I guess it would be found under orange.

    Double Delight is delightful.

  6. What a beautiful example of Bonnie's Double Delight you've created!! The perfect transition from ORANGE to PINK for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. :o))

  7. Double Delight is coming together nicely. That's quite a fork. We only have the one girl, but I've heard that boys can be quite the eaters.