Friday, September 15, 2017

webbing the top

I know I have shown this as a finish, but Old Tobacco Road is taking a turn on the bed, and it just makes me smile. I love the scrappy pinwheels. I think when a quilt takes so long to finish, it is even more surprising when it is done. The scraps are a memory of a while ago. And when a quilt goes into time out, it is forgotten. And so is all the frustration that was part of the learning and the repetitiveness of the piecing. I have noticed that while I do the finishing, I actually think, I could make this quilt again in different scraps and colors. I guarantee, I was not thinking that when it went in the ufo box. Most of the time a quilt goes into time out, I am thinking about matches and lighting it on fire. Time has a way of softening the edges.

It is time to web the top of En provence. Webbing the top is a technique that Bonnie Hunter has shared on her website Quiltville, and it makes keeping the pieces in the right order easier. The seams are nesting nicely.

I see more stars...

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  1. Old Tobacco Road turned out beautifully! Lots of scrappy fun in that quilt. Good luck with En Provence. I'm hoping to get mine to finished flimsy stage soon.