Saturday, October 7, 2017

pink scraps

I have pieces ready for pink this month as the rainbow scrap challenge. I will have to hope for some time next week to make the blocks. I am going to love the pink...

I had promised my little Friday sewing group I would help them learn to piece the Jen Kingwell glitter block. They did very well. I am a chain piecer, so I had worked out a work flow that worked for me.  After, they can do it anyway they choose. Although, one quilter, who wasn't a chain piecer, was worried I wasn't following the directions. She asked "wouldn't it be easier if we did it the way the directions said?" sigh...
sure - I was just trying to confuse you....

Every time, I think for a moment that I would love teaching other quilters, I realize maybe not LOL

I may not be as accurate as some, but I prefer to make more quilts than work on perfection. But I am definitely a technique person. I can make more quilts, because I have figured smooth work flow habits. I am surprised that any quilter, and there were two, wouldn't chain sew. I am surprised at the crummy tools they are using, or the silly things that get in their way. I am surprised how many need help with their machines, or are missing parts , like feet, or cords. Or maybe they don't realize that if they put a band aid in their sewing bag, they will guarantee that they won't need it. Hey, do you think I could put my oven in the bag?
Although, by saying anything, I have guaranteed to forget or have problems sigh...
Here is Linda's first glitter  block = pretty awesome.

Here is Connie's work in progress for her hubby.
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  1. Your teaching experience sounds "interesting!" Lol! My quilt group will often demonstrate things to each other, but to get us to agree on something to do together is pretty impossible (and hilarious!)

  2. Looking forward to seeing how your PINK blocks turn out!!

  3. Hi Maggie,
    I can certainly see the whole argument for chain piecing, and love to do it myself. Every single time I see a pattern that starts with cutting a bunch of 2" squares only to sew them to other 2" squares for a two-color four patch, I just shake my head. Hello - why don't we sew the two strips together and then cut into 2" pieces. I'll ALL for the quicker solutions to get to the same point. Those pink fabrics look like great fun! I look forward to seeing the new blocks. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I love,your hearts fabric. T totally agree with you about the students and not having to be perfect. What if the directions had said to chain piece and they refused? Patterns are guidelines and it is not a pass or fail class. At least the car quilt shows someone with creativity. I started to study teaching until I had to practice teach. That's when I quit and went into research.

  5. More quilts seems like a better use of time than perfect quilts, but quilters come In many varieties.

  6. I've been chain piecing my Glitters too. And the reasons you mention and then some are why I told my best friend I could never ever teach her to quilt. Never. Ever.

  7. I've been teaching for 16 years, and I love systems to make my quilting time more efficient. Often, my students take classes with me just to find out how I can make 2-4 quilts a month. I love teaching my efficency techniques, but they aren't for everyone. I don't force the issue, but I encourage them to try it just during the class before they decide its not for them. Why would you take a class if you don't want to learn something new?

  8. Work flow is a pretty personal thing, but I agree with Mary Jeanine. You take a class to learn something new, you should at least try it. You can do what you want when you get back to the comfort of your sewing room. I wonder how much of it was that they know you and consider you a friend. I'm sure they would never question an instructor the guild brought in to teach a session.