Thursday, November 2, 2017


I really have enjoyed filling in the pumpkin for my owl rug.. I have been hooking with him in the evenings... in the dark.... and cold... Poof! overnight it seems the days have become shorter and the temperatures are really cold. Really, one day I wore sandals, and the next day, I wore gloves.

Look at this vintage beauty in the wild. It is an old treadle that has been electrified. I saw him at our local goodwill for $50.00. I did not buy him.
 ooooo and a trip to the apple orchard was a huge success. Beautiful apples. cidar, and this sweet treat. I hope I never outgrow these.
 I have decided to approach the quiltville mystery differently this year. I will make it, but, not until after the reveal. I don't like the mess, and having the stack of fabric out for a few months, clogging the cutting table and the project area.

I have never been disappointed in the quilts, but I really struggle with keeping it contained to a low chaos with fabric flying and parts separated over time. I think I will like cutting all of a color and then putting it away.

I really use the scrap saver system, and I will want to use strips in the right size which I already have. But I don't want to pull all of the brown strips in all of the sizes just because I won't know how many I would need in each size.
I am pretty sure I will have whatever I need when I need it, no need to even look yet. It will be hard not to get caught up in the excitement, but maybe I can make another quilt instead.

 This was a smith mountain morning quilts at the last quilt show I attended, but, not mine. I have one with all the blocks made in grey and yellow.

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  1. The pumpkin is very cute. I've hit on a few ways to keep up with all the pieces during Bonnie's mystery, but I use yardage not scraps, so in some ways it's easier. Plus I only cut what I need when I need it. I hate cutting all the pieces at once. Makes it easier to keep everything together.