Wednesday, November 8, 2017


I have hit too many "wait and sees" and it has affected my mojo. I just haven't been able to decide yet on a few projects. I seem to be in a thinking mood and not a doing mood. I have been pondering next year's quilting goals and just not sure what I want to see accomplished.

I have almost finished my owl rug hooking, but I want it bigger. So the fight in my head begins. Finish it the way the pattern requires or invent something else. More work, more indecision. sigh...

As I was webbing En provence, I realized I was one block short. I think I know what happened. I quickly glanced at the note I had made which said 15 inch block make 16. And I made 15. sigh...
There are 25 blocks in each block. And I can't find the leftover fabric. So do I make the quilt 3 x 5  or make another block from scratch. wait and see ...sigh...

I want to pare down Christmas, and I want a smaller 2 old folk size tree. So I am hoping to choose and get rid of the other old and orphaned trees I have gathered over the years.The one I like the best is just too short. And the lights are dead. Do I move on to making this one work ( adding lights), maybe putting it on a stool, and use what I already own too many or just get what I want . wait and see...sigh...

I am trying to make do a quilt frame for a rug hooking floor frame. Every step forward there is a step backward. Do I just get a new properly designated rug hooking frame or keep ruminating for a solution to using what i already have to use. sigh....

more photos of cheddar sampler blocks.. what next?
steps to the altar
double x

I know eventually the right solutions will come to me, and I will move forward, I am not liking the "wait and see" time right now.
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  1. looking forward to seeing where your projects go from here!
    thanks for linking up!

  2. As far as the trees, wait to see if there's a good sale for the one you want. Then donate the others.
    Can't help you much on the blocks or the frame - totally a personal decision. I will say though, sometimes it's nice to get new things in the house, or purchase the proper tool - seems to lift the spirits.
    Thanks again for sharing those cheddar blocks - love them!

  3. Hi Maggie,
    Wow, so many questions and decisions to be made! My opinion - get the tree you like and the rug hooking frame also. I am one of those nuts that like to play around with lights on a tree, but still would not solve the issue of it being too short. So, I doubt that's a help but that's my two cents. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I'm sure we all have occasional times of low sewing mojo... sigh! Some great projects happening here! Thanks for sharing with 'sew stitch snap SHARE'

  5. Hitting those stalling points is so frustrating. Hope you can decide on solutions pretty quickly and get your mojo back.