Wednesday, November 15, 2017

red, white, blue

I have let my 2 1/2 inch strip bins get overfull. I can't close the drawers  they are in by color. Blue and red are the fullest. No problem,  I'll just cut a quick red, white, and blue donation quilt.

I decided on boxy stars, since it is quick and easy and I could just grab a bunch of strips and cut 2 1/2 in squares and 4 1/2 inch rectangles, and 6 1/2 inch rectangles.  There was no appreciable difference in the drawers of strips sigh...
This was just a group I used to cut, there is more in the drawer....

 After I had 80 small blockscut  to make 20 big blocks, I was reading somewhere about a blogger with bleeding fabric issues in her quilt. Oh Oh... both red and blue are notorious for bleeding. No problem. I'll just dunk them in water being careful not to agitate the strips and cause ravelies.
 Bummer ... The blue water was very blue, and the red water was very red. I am glad I caught that before it was a quilt, but will that be good enough? I am a scrappy quilter. This poses a problem.

I gave the washed quilt pieces some fan time on the dining room table. So much for quick and mindless.

They were keeping marigold blossoms company. These were drying for dyeing wool, but that's another story.

Boxy stars is a free pattern that can be found here.

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  1. Hi Maggie,
    Your 2.5" strip problem sounds like mine. I am about to have a HUGE issue as I cannot close the drawer on them much longer. Good thing you decided to test them for bleeding . . . and I love that baseball print, by the way! I'll check out the Boxy Stars pattern - thanks for sharing! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. great tip on the color bleeding...

    thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Well, if you're worried about the bleeding continuing, you can wash with either Synthropol or Retayne. They both work to remove dye. I'd also throw a couple color catcher sheets in the wash too. The Synthropol and catcher sheets have worked well for me in the past on a red, white, blue quilt. Good luck!

  4. I can vouch for the color catcher sheets, I used those in my last red, white and blue quilt. They worked well, but you have to use several (not just two like I did the first time I tried that trick).