Friday, December 29, 2017

flying geese clue

I have finished clue 4 for On RIngo Lake mystery quilt at Quiltville.

And I have cut all of clue number 5. I am excited to use the wing clipper again to make the flying geese. I talked about how I did it here.

Clue 6 came out today, and looks to be an easy clue. I have found the mystery quilt to go much more smoothly this year by altering a few expectations.

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  1. Wow - good progress. What expectations did you alter?

  2. You've done so well at keeping up this year. Of course she's put out 3 clues so far since Friday! I wasn't ready for that!

  3. I find that the Mystery is much more fun when I'm not racing through the clues like a maniac. Going at my own pace makes for a much more pleasant quilting experience.